Argenta Power Walk 2010 & the little magic it produced!

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After an arduous but fantastic walk on the night of 18 December 2010, members of the Argenta Underwriting Asia Team completed...err...well...some completed the 50 km endurance walk! 4 members retired after completing 40km but Honey Lee and Nicole Wong completed the walk for the team. Some pictures of the walk are as follows;

From L-R infront; Nicole Wong, Kenei Kuotsu and Honey Lee. Behind; Des Carbery and Lorraine Poh

From L-R infront; Lorraine Poh, Nicole Wong, Honey Lee and Kenei Kuotsu. Behind; Andrew Crampton and Des Carbery.

Overall, it was a satisfying experience and something the team will cherish for a long time! Keeping in mind the purpose of this walk, the team managed to raise SGD 5,025 from well wishers, friends and colleagues.

With the money received, SpeakGuru Foundation bought a television set, a DVD player and stabilizer for the pediatric oncology ward, Kohima. The Foundation also painted two rooms assigned for the children in the Oncology Ward, Naga Hospital India with cartoon characters and they were well received by the kids. The remaining amount has been allocated for the 8 children who are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to team Argenta for making this possible and to all well wishers, friends and you know who you are... for making a difference in the lives of these children!

Some pictures of the works done with the money raised from the walk are as below;

 Chaplain of Naga Hospital giving out money to a patient

The Oncology Ward, Naga Hospital Kohima, India


The Oncology Ward, Naga Hospital Kohima, India

Two beds in one room


Lifting the spirits of the sick children by painting their rooms

Kuzhoso in his new room


TV donated by the foundation

 DVD player donated by the foundation

Voltage controller (Stabilizer) donated by the foundation


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