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In Kohima, India, winter has already set in with temperature ranging from 9 to 10 degree celsius and very soon, it will dip to as low as minus 1-4 degree celsius. Rooms in the hospital doesn't have a centralised heating system nor proper heating devices and so, it is going to be a frigid winter for the kids. But a sweet consolation awaits them as they will be moved into a newly-built 2 room building with all the window glasses intact and preventing them from the cold winter breeze! The Foundation has been offered these two rooms by the Hospital Authority and although they are just ordinary rooms, the kids now no longer have to share their rooms with the adults!! Putting the icing on the cake, the foundation was also allowed to customise the rooms and paint the walls as we like, put in curtains of our choice, spread cartoon bedsheets etc!  

The rooms have 2 doors, 6 windows and 5 beds. There is no toilet/bathroom attached so they will still have to share the toilet with the adults which is a little far and thus, the only downside. Nevertheless, the foundation is excited to do this room up and make it as sweet and as warm as these beautiful children by painting the walls, laying carpets etc. so that it will be ready in time for the cold long winter.


If you wish to contribute in making these two rooms as lively and as bubbly as the children who are going to stay here, you can donate the following items;

1. Curtains (colorful and bright)
2. Bedsheets (Colorful and bright preferably with cartoon characters)
3. Carpet (clean and warm)
4. Children's books and toys
5. Children's music and learning cds
6. TV and DVD player
7. Warm blankets for the winter
8. Pillow case (nice and warm)

For donation, please contact us today!

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