As one of the foremost organizations of its kind in Nagaland, India, SpeakGuru Foundation has been blessed to be overseen and led by passionate and well qualified professionals with the desire to serve the society around them.

In addition to supporting victims suffering from cancer both financially and emotionally, SpeakGuru Foundation makes a clear effort to engage the family, community, and environment in which we so dearly love.

Practically speaking, SpeakGuru provides financial assistance to the family members in need who have also sacrificed for the treatment of their loved ones. Whether it be financial assistance for education, or simply to help pick up the slack where financial burdens have become too heavy, SpeakGuru Foundation understands the need to support holistically and pragmatically.

SpeakGuru Foundation also realizes that a family strives most in a society and environment in which it is able to sustain real, visible growth. Therefore, SpeakGuru Foundation desires to support the community as well; from donating tools and resources necessary needed by  lower-income public schools, to encouraging our beneficiaries to pledge to plant trees for the awareness of environmental conservation.

The Organization has been registered under the Home Department, Government of Nagaland, India on the 17th of September 2010 and the registration certificate no. is HOME/SRC-5945.