"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"~Nelson Mandela

SpeakGuru Foundation believes that this weapon is the key to unlock doors of unlimited opportunities and possibilities. The Foundation runs the 'Reach the Unreached' program to help students and schools in far-flung villages in Nagaland, India. The Foundation also manages an International placement consultancy firm to help students study overseas. 


In 2014, it is expected that overall, 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 20. (Source: PAC2)

Childhood cancer is real and its impact on families can be emotionally daunting and financially draining. SpeakGuru Foundation treats childhood cancer as the heart of the foundation and supports children battling with cancer. SG Foundation works with Nagaland Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK), India.


SpeakGuru Foundation is committed to protecting the rich diversity of flora and fauna in Nagaland, India.

Located on the Indo-Myanmar border, Nagaland is home to the majestic great pied hornbill and the proud Indian Bison. Poaching, jhum cultivation and illegal logging are the major threats to the wildlife in Nagaland. SG foundation is running the 'adopt an animal' program in 2015 to revive the zoological park in Kohima.